Voice Over IP (VOIP) Solutions

Harness the Power of VoIP (SIP)

As technology solution providers, we believe in maximising the many new opportunities VoIP telephone systems enable. You will love our product range of more than twenty business solutions including:

  • PABX Solutions such as our Hosted PBX that enables features such as Multi-Site Linking, Click2Call and Voicemail to Email
  • Conferencing products such as Video Calling and Conference Bridges
  • Call Management Solutions such as Voice Recording, Queue Management and Auto Attendant.
  • Inbound Call services 1300 1800 are available in over 6000 cities worldwide.
  • Support Centre  quick reference user guide and support material.

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Datatrek “Virtual PBX” Hosted Platform

Virtual PBX is similar to a traditional PBX however, instead of requiring expensive

physical hardware installed onsite, VPBX uses state of the art Internet cloud computing

technology to provide all the capabilities of a traditional PBX (plus a whole lot more) at a fraction

of the cost.

Further, because the Virtual PBX utilises the power of the Internet to make calls as

opposed to the old copper wires, dramatic call cost savings are achieved.

The global reach of the Internet means that all boundaries are removed. It no longer matters

where in the world your employees are based, providing they have an Internet connection they

are part of your network with many benefits including free calls between locations. 

Virtual PBX Features

Virtual PBX provides a whole range of features that help your business communicate better:

  • Voice Mail
  • Music on Hold
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Video Conferencing
  • Group Pick Up
  • Call Routing
  • Conference Bridging
  • IVR (Voice Menus)
  • Blind or Attended Transfers
  • And so much more
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice Recording
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Click 2 Dial
  • Faxmail
  • Three Way Calling
  • Follow Me
  • And so much more

Datatrek “Fixed Line Replacement”

SIP Trunking  (Fixed Line Replacement) takes advantage of the latest advancements in VoIP technology to route your calls over the Internet as opposed to traditional copper lines.

The Datatrek Fixed Line Replacement Solution enables businesses to continue using their existing PBX telephone system whilst taking advantage of the immediate cost savings of VoIP (SIP).