Network Cabling

Phone & Data cabling specialists, Fibre optics / structured cabling Cat5E / Cat6 / Cat7

Broadband (ISDN, SHDSL, ADSL, CABLE) installalations- Registered Krone Certified Master Designer / Cabler with12 yrs industry experience

Network Computer Cabling represents only around 5 to10 per cent of the total Business IT systems investment, but with poor installation practices & sub standard cabling equipment, it can result in up to 70 per cent of all network data faults.

Datatrek will solve this problem, with a “future proof” structured Network Computer cabling solution that prepares businesses to deliver services into the future.

The System can be tailored to support specific communication requirements – Business Telephones & Systems, Fax, EFTPOS & POS equipment including local area networks, wide area networks & call centre applications.