The perfect system for home offices, retailers, clubs, warehouses and small business professionals including medical practitioners, accountants and real estate agents. So when time means money spend it wisely

All new technology should either lower your operating costs or improve your productivity. When you install a Siemens HiPath we make sure you get both.

A few of the key benefits you will get from installing a Siemens HiPath platform as a solution from Datatrek Business Telephone Systems are:

•    Reducing your fixed line costs by adopting ISDN (digital ISDN lines) instead of PSTN (analogue lines). ISDN lines are cheaper to rent and, because it is a smarter service you can get away with using less lines to do more.  Call collisions (selecting a line to dial out and finding a customer has dialed in on that same line) and phantom calls (something that you will get a lot of when you put any kind of auto attendant on PSTN lines) become non existent on ISDN.

•    Reducing call costs to mobiles by adding a FCT (Fixed Cellular Terminal) to your system and then automatically utilising the intelligence of the system via LCR (Least Cost Routing) to dial mobile phones via that route. This takes advantage of the cheaper mobile to mobile rates that most carriers offer.

•    Connect remote sites and Teleworkers via VoIP (with optional gateway). This enables remote sites to be fully integrated into one virtual Business Telephone Systems (PABX) that could include a home office, span the country or the globe therefore reducing overall costs in cost of calls, equipment and staff.

•    You will be able to transfer calls to off-site locations just as easily as the phone on the desk next to you. This means you can get calls to mobile people off-site without the need of disclosing mobile numbers or to remote offices and therefore providing a much smoother and more professional customer service.

•    Remote access in to the system via any telephone to set and change features like night switch, call forwarding and Do Not Disturb on individual extensions. This means that if you are the last person to leave the office in the evening, get half way home then realise you haven’t turned on the night switch you can turn it on via your mobile phone and continue on home.

•    You will be able to directly integrate your phone via a USB cable to your PC. This will give you access to features like directly dialing from Microsoft Outlook or most other contact managers. You can also add desk top faxing to that mix because you can get the USB cable link to emulate a 56K fax/modem or an ISDN 128K modem (video conference?) if you like.

•    You will get a future proof technology from the largest real time communications vendor in the world that will allow you to utilise all the current features available today and migrate/evolve that platform to take on any emerging technologies of the future. This means the concept of a “fork lift upgrade” is a thing of the past.

•    Proper call queuing which ensures callers who do not get answered in, say, 4 rings (12 seconds) will get a greeting and are then put on hold until the first available extension becomes free. The call is presented to all handsets during this whole process so the caller does not lose their position in the queue. Also, if an extension becomes free half way through the greeting, it will ring and the call can be answered immediately without further delay ensuring your efficiency and your customer’s time is not needlessly wasted.

•    Basic Voicemail for up to 24 extensions via the EVM Voicemail bundled in to this package.