Audio Video

Domestic and commercial

TV audio visual-home theatre, public address back ground music including Multiroom Audio TV solutions covering cabling / system set-ups. LCD/Plasma wall mount and custom set up.

Getting the most from your Audio, Video, Voice & Data connections means having the right system & cabling in place at home or in the office.


Audio visual home theatre system installed & or setup with only top quality equipment for new or retro fitted into existing locations.

We will fit and commission most customer supplied home theatre equipment as needed by you.

We have committed our life’s endeavour to pursue the quest for perfect sound and after you experience an Aaron product, you will be able to understand that all Aaron products reflect the passion we have towards achieving that goal.At Aaron we understand that speakers must not just reproduce music faithfully, but also with life and vibrancy, convincing enough to create physical sensations. We also understand speakers must be just as fantastic at reproducing home theatre as they are with two channel Hi Fi.



Integra designs and creates A/V components that set higher standards for system integration, upgrade capability and multi-zone expansion.